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At Dance Makers Inc. we foster a healthy and reinforcing atmosphere for all students--whether you're just starting out, or you have years of competitive dance experience. We are dedicated to the development of creativity and artistic talent in youth, especially disadvantaged youth from diverse cultural backgrounds.​ Dance Makers Inc. offers a wide range of award winning dance classes for kids, teens, and young adults of all ages, including:

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At Dance Makers Inc. we are more than just a dance studio. We strive to serve our community in a number of ways by offering a number of educational, supportive, and active-lifestyle programs, including:

  • After School Programs
  • Summer Dance Camps
  • Summer Soccer Camps
  • And More!

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Give your child a birthday to remember with a Glam Dollz Rock party from Dance Makers Inc. All of our Glam Dollz Rock events take place in the Glam Suite as the partygoers immediately enter “Pink Drive”. Just as Hollywood has Rodeo Drive we have Pink Drive, which is the road that leads to all things glamorous!

The road to all things glamorous leads to Glam Dollz Rock!

Glam Dollz Rock birthday parties include exciting activities for your child, lavish decorations, and unforgettable experiences. From a fashion show experience, to glam beauty bar access, to paparazzi photoshoots, we have packages available to guarantee your child will have an unforgettable birthday experience.

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At Dance Makers Inc. our instructors have years experience leading dance classes for toddlers, children, teens, and young adults in a variety of dance styles--for students with varying degrees of experience. Many of our instructors have been dancers for most of their lives, danced competitively and professionally, and even studied dance in university settings.

Dance Makers Inc.

An Award Winning Dance Studio in Maryland

Dance Makers Inc. ​mission is to save and strengthen youth by promoting their mental and physical well-being while encouraging their creativity through the study of dance and other performing arts. We are dedicated to the development of creativity and artistic talent in youth, especially disadvantaged youth from diverse cultural backgrounds.​

We offer classes for all skill levels, so it doesn’t matter if your child has been dancing for years or if they’re just starting out–we have classes and instructors that can give them a smooth transition into this fun and healthy lifestyle.

Unsure if your child will enjoy dancing? No problem. We offer a free trial class so you can try us out before you commit. Contact us today to enroll, or get more information about our programs.

Dance Classes for Children and Teens

Children, no matter their background or circumstances, love to express themselves in so many ways. Positive creativity allows children to develop socially, emotionally, and academically, while understanding and appreciating the satisfaction of a job well-done. Creative expression is natural, and, when properly tended, can provide a lifetime of joy.


A child’s naturally boundless energy and positivity makes dance an ideal outlet. Dance, be it tap, hip-hop, jazz, or classic ballet, offers fun and creative expression in a controlled environment. While learning the basic steps, children are exposed to the history of movement. Through classic ballet, your child can learn technique and aesthetic appreciation of a form of dance that is centuries old. Tap incorporates rhythm. Jazz adds form, and Hip-Hop provides an outlet through contemporary movement.

At Dance Makers dance studio, in Metropolitan Washington, DC, we appreciate your child’s need for creative movement. Through our many dance classes, your child can progress from beginner to advanced level. Each individual student is encouraged in their desired area of performance art. All students are afforded the opportunity to audition for competitive dance troupes.

Our Maryland Dance Studio — Serving the Community Through Dance

Affirming self-esteem through healthy ways is why Dance Makers developed our One Step Forward (OSF) Before and After School Program. Through OSF, Dance Makers provides a nurturing, safe and secure environment at our dance studio for at-risk youth ages 5-14. Our purpose is to provide an avenue for our most vulnerable children to develop artistically, while being provided with academic assistance. We offer supervised completion of homework, snacks, afternoon supper, and one hour of creative movement through dance.

Dance Themed Birthday Parties

At the Dance Makers dance studio we strive to provide an atmosphere fun. Themed birthday parties are offered through Dance Makers. Our dance birthday party packages are individualized based upon your child’s age and interests. The birthday guy or gal, from pre-k to tween, can design a tu-tu, play dress-up, sing karaoke, and yes-even dance.

Adult Fun and Fitness

Dance isn’t just for kids. Adults can express themselves creatively, have fun and get a high intensity aerobic workout as well. Dance Makers offers a wide range of classes for adults, including Zumba and Hip-Hop Aerobics. Our professional instructors will take you through a fat-burning workout and you’ll tone up, slim down and have a great time.

Dance Classes for Boys

By introducing your son to dance, you’ll provide him with the tools he needs to practice creative, disciplined self-expression, and respect for himself and others, while fulfilling that naturally competitive edge some boys seem to covet.

Dance classes for boys are gaining students. With today’s popular dance culture, through television competitions and mainstream recognition of dance as sport, as well as art, boys and girls are flocking to dance studios across the country.

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Why Dance? — Dance Nurtures the Individual Child

Studies show dance classes provide children with structure, social skills, and a foundation of physical fitness. Just as team sports promote a sense of camaraderie, strength, and achievement, dance also enhances a child’s well-being in those same areas. Dance classes provide an overall sense of character development which spills into other areas of life, such as home life and academics. Those children who successfully master the dance techniques as they’re taught, learn to apply those skills throughout their lives.

The instructors at Dance Makers recognize every child has the ability to create and express himself, or herself through dance. Through dedication and diligence, our dance instructors will help your child draw on that ability and develop his or her strengths. There’s nothing more affirming for your child’s self-esteem and individual growth than to be recognized for his or her cultural creativity.

Join Our Maryland Dance Studio Today!

Dance is for everyone and we offer the most thorough dance classes for children and adults in the DC area. For information on our dance studio, any of these fun and exciting classes, or, to learn more about our OSF before and after school program serving Prince George County, contact Dance Makers.

In the words of Lord Byron, “On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined!