Lyrical Dance Classes for Boys in Maryland

Odds are, if your son is like most young boys, he has boundless amounts of energy that can sometimes clash with his need to express himself. If this is the case, then you can help him learn how to channel that energy into a form of expression by signing him up to lyrical dance classes.

Lyrical dance is a combination of various types of dance, including classical ballet, fluid jazz, and other performance-centered contemporary genres. What makes it so unique is that even though it is choreographed, lyrical dance does incorporate a lot of improvisation as well.

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The Benefits of Lyrical Dance Classes in Maryland

There are many benefits to taking lyrical dance classes here at Dance Makers in Maryland. The following are some of the main benefits that your son could enjoy:

  • Teach the value of practice – The choreography involved with lyrical dance forces boys taking part to practice in order to improve. Because dancing is fun to begin with, they’ll be motivated to practice in order to get better. Teaching this kind of work ethic to young boys is invaluable later in life.
  • Allow your son to practice self-expression – Not only can they channel their energy into practicing the physical choreography of lyrical dance, but because of the fact that there is so much room for improvisation in this particular style, your son will have the freedom to express themselves in various unique ways through the act of lyrical dance.
  • Improve your son’s health – Lyrical dance is sure to improve your son’s physical health, especially if he sticks with it. It can also do wonders for his mental health. Expending energy helps to build more energy over the long run, thereby reducing any stress they might be experiencing. Additionally, improving via practice will help to boost their self-confidence.

Why Choose Dance Makers?

Dance Makers has professional instructors that are dedicated to helping our young students to improve day by day. Not only will they master the art of lyrical dance on an individual basis, but they will learn how to be part of a team – cooperation is a very important part of dance.

Boys who take our lyrical dance classes will also learn proper technique, discipline and an appreciation for the art of lyrical dance as well as for the efforts of their fellow students.

Schedule Lyrical Dance Classes for Boys

If you’re looking for a way that your son can learn how to focus his energy and express himself in a positive way, then you should consider signing him up for lyrical dance classes.

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