Dance Classes in Adelphi, MD

Children are natural born dancers. They move and groove even when there’s no music to be heard! They have boundless energy and a natural desire to perform. Why not channel your child’s rhythm, energy, and desire to perform into the art of dance?

Dance Makers Inc offers several dance classes in Adelphi, MD that are sure to pique the interest of your tiny dancer. Our current class offerings include:

Kinderdanz and Advance Kinderdanz:  These classes are offered beginning at age 3 and 4, with the opportunity to advance at ages 5 and 6. In Kinderdanz your little one will learn the basics of ballet and tap, as well as some gymnastic and tumbling moves. In Advance Kinderdanz your child will grow their skill set through more complex choreography.

At age 6 your child can move on to:


This class is designed to promote poise, grace and technique, all skills necessary to become proficient in other areas of dance. Ballet is foundational and all other dance springs from this classic art form.


Tap class is a fun way to learn a modern classic form of dance. Your little hoofer will learn the techniques and skills of tap in a friendly, safe, and fun environment.


I your child the next “big thing” to be discovered? Does he or she like to mimic the moves seen on BET and MTV? If so, hip-hop is the ideal class. In hip-hop your young one will master controlled and isolated movement, loose and fluid execution of the dance moves rooted in African culture.


Like the music genre of the same name, jazz dance techniques are smooth. Your dancer will master the isolated movement, footwork and exercises of this popular form of dance. Theatrical dance is one of the skills incorporated into Dance Makers jazz class.


Lyrical dance is offered to those students who come from a ballet and jazz background. It’s meant to be taken concurrently with ballet and improves technique through balance, flexibility and control combined with musical interpretation.


This class is provided for those students who want to advance their floor work and perfect their placement of arms and legs while improving turns, jumps and extensions.

Dance Makers Inc also offers Zumba and Hip-Hop Aerobics for adults. Make an appointment to come and tour our studio. You’ll see how much fun dance classes in Adelphi, MD can be.