Dance Classes in Beltsville, MD

Dance Makers Inc offers dance classes in Beltsville, MD for all ages. From very young preschoolers to elementary age and beyond, Dance Makers helps your child develop his or her natural abilities, introduces more complex skills, and provides instruction in a healthy, happy and fun environment. We even have classes adults might enjoy, such as Zumba and Hip-Hop Aerobics.

Classes Currently Offered by Dance Makers

For Ages 3 and 4 we offer a unique program called Kinderdanz. This program incorporates the basic skills of ballet and tap along with gymnastic and tumbling. Once these basic moves are mastered, your child will move on to Advance Kinderdanz, which is geared toward children ages 5 and 6. In Advance Kinderdanz your child will improve upon techniques and dance skills already mastered, as well as learn new routines.

Your elementary age child, 6 and up, can choose from a wide variety of classes, each focused on learning and honing skills specific to that style of dace. These classes include:

  • Ballet/ Pointe-Introduces your child to the foundation upon which all dance is built. The grace and poise required to execute proper ballet technique will serve your child in all areas of dance.
  • Tap-Tap dancing is a fun and lively way for your child to improve upon the skills learned in Kinderdanz. The choreography is a bit more advanced and this unique dance style has a wonderful history.
  • Jazz-Your child will learn isolated movement, stretches and the footwork necessary for contemporary funk, theatrical jazz, and hip-hop. Jazz dancing provides a whole body workout.
  • Hip-Hop-Incorporating elements of African culture and dance, hip-hop helps loosen the body so movement appears fluid. Your child will develop rhythm and learn isolated movement in hip-hop class.
  • Lyrical-Students with a ballet or bass dance background, and those who are taking concurrent ballet classes will benefit from lyrical dance. This art form brings together control, flexibility, and balance in an interpretive style that flows with the music.
  • Technique is available for all students who want to improve their floor work skills.

Dance Studio in Beltsville, MD

Dance Makers Inc also offers dance camps and soccer camp, along with dance parties for your birthday or other celebration. Schedule a visit to our studios and find out how much fun and excitement dance can provide for your child. Contact Dance Makers Inc today.