Dance Classes in College Park, MD

Dance classes in College Park, MD can do much more for your child than simply teach them the art of dance. Dance Makers Inc offers an opportunity for your young dancer to learn to be part of a group, develop motor skills, self esteem, confidence, poise and grace, and form lifelong friendships in a safe environment.

At Dance Makers, we provide instruction in all popular dance genres, as well as adult Zumba and hip-hop aerobics. Our formal instruction starts for children as young as 3, and continue through elementary school age children and beyond. We also offer dance and soccer camps, birthday parties, and competition dance as well.

Available Dance Classes


(ages 3 & 4) teaches the basic skills of tap, ballet,  gymnastics and tumbling. It’s geared toward preschoolers with a focus is on fun.

Advance Kinderdanz

(ages 5 & 6) continues to build upon the skills learned in Kinderdanz, adding technique and more complex choreography.


(ages 6 & up) Classic ballet provides a foundation on which all other dance is based. Your child will learn techniques, develop poise and grace, and an appreciation of movement.


(age 6 & up) Tap is a modern classic and an exciting dance to master. The skills your child will learn in tap class will teach him an appreciation for controlled movement and rhythm.


(ages 6 & up) Jazz appears to be all smooth moves and easy rhythm, but it’s really about controlled movement. Your dancer will master stretching, isolated movement and the footwork that makes this American style of dance an enduring favorite.


(ages 6 & up) Hip-hop dance is considered a modern style of dance, however the roots of hip-hop go back to ages-old African dance and culture. This loose rhythmic style will have your young dancer busting the same moves seen on MTV and BET in no time.


(ages 6 & up) should be taken concurrently with ballet, and requires a jazz or ballet background. In lyrical dance class your child will learn balance. control, and flexibility necessary to interpret music through movement.

A class in technique is also available to those students who need to work on their placement, floor work, and execution of jumps, turns, and extensions.

Children need a solid foundation to lead a healthy, happy life. What better beginning than dance class? Contact Dance Makers Inc today to find out more about dance classes in College Park, MD.