Dance Classes in Lanham, MD

If you have a passion for something, you should pursue that passion, whether it’s in a professional capacity or not. For example, if you love to dance, take dance classes to not only improve your abilities but to make your life more enjoyable. Here at Dance Makers, we offer a number of great options for anyone interested in dance. In fact, we offer dance classes for kids if you’re looking to cultivate your child’s dancing talent.

We have quickly grown into the go-to dance studio in Lanham, MD as a result of our comprehensive dance classes, our highly qualified instructors and our emphasis on creating a safe environment with outstanding amenities. These factors will go a long way in nurturing the passion and talent for dance that our students possess, no matter what their age.

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Lanham Dancing Classes Under One Roof

Here at Dance Makers, we strive to cultivate the dancing skills of our students. In fact, because children are easier to teach than adults, we actually accept kids as young as three years old. Our instructors work closely with every student, which allows them to provide appropriate dance routines based on their skill levels. Not only will this help to nurture their personal dancing skills, it will help them build confidence as well.

Even if your kids are less interested in dance when they first sign up for our classes, our accommodating approach can help to change their minds. Because our classes are designed to be enjoyed by both boys and girls, it’s not uncommon for children to develop a passion for dance as a result of our instruction.

Kids Dance Classes in Lanham, MD

If you have kids with an interest in becoming professional dancers, then you’ll want to make sure that both their passion and their skills are nurtured to their fullest by signing them up to our dance classes in Lanham. Our beginner dance classes begin slowly and progress to more advanced stages based on the individual abilities of your child. Some of our beginner classes for kids include tap dancing, gymnastics, and tumbling. Once kids in those classes have learned the basics, our instructors will introduce them to the next level.

Advanced Dance Classes Offered in Lanham

Kids can join advanced classes once they are six years old and have learned the basics. Adults with some basic dance experience can also join these classes. Some of our advanced classes include:

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If you’re looking to join a dance class or have kids that are interested in dance, then there’s no better place to nurture that interest or passion than at Dance Makers. For more information about enrolling in one of our dance classes, be sure to contact us at Dance Makers by calling (301) 731-0003 today.