Floor Gymnastics in Maryland

ACROBATICS / FLOOR GYMNASTICS (Offered In Kinderdanz Classes Only)

Time is divided between warm-ups, exercise and perfection of tumbling & gymnastics skills, which are integrated with basic dance movement. Classes are split by level.

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Floor Gymnastics Classes in Prince George’s County

Does your child have endless amounts of energy and stamina? Why not let him or her burn it off in a structured, kid-friendly environment. Kids’ dance, gymnastics and fitness classes are not only a fun way for your child to interact with peers, they offer many other benefits.

Dance Makers, Inc. in Maryland offers a wide range of kids’ dance and gymnastics classes for all ages and stages. Nurturing your child’s growth and development with floor gymnastics can pay off in countless ways as your child matures. Here’s what you can expect from floor gymnastics classes in Maryland:

  • Well-Trained Instructors: Dance Makers, Inc. instructors not only know all the ins and outs of gymnastics, they know how to teach children. Instructors provide an engaging, safe environment where your child will learn the fundamentals of gymnastics and beyond.
  • Encouragement: Your child will learn how to push beyond his limits with hard work and dedication. Instructors will provide positive encouragement with challenges that are catered to your child’s abilities and needs.
  • Discipline: Floor gymnastics classes teach children to reach goals with discipline and practice. Even young children learn over time that learning new skills takes time, practice and discipline. The pride your child will feel upon mastering a new skill will speak for itself.
  • Self-Confidence: Children need to build self-confidence in ways that are meaningful to them. Parents and loved ones can shower them with compliments, but they won’t mean much if the child doesn’t feel it herself. Floor gymnastics gives children skills and accomplishments they can truly be proud of.
  • Bonding with Peers: Through the eyes of a child, the most important thing is having fun with friends. Floor gymnastics classes allow your child time to bond with peers while sharing a unique experience. Children often form life-long friendships at Dance Makers, Inc. in Maryland.
  • Healthy Habits: Floor gymnastics teaches children that a healthy body results from exercise and a healthy diet. Whether your child sticks with gymnastics or moves on to a different activity, she will take these important concepts with her well into adulthood.

Benefits of Gymnastics Classes

Floor gymnastics is a wholesome, healthy way for your child to grow and develop confidence, strength, endurance, flexibility and discipline. Dance Makers, Inc. in Maryland offers a wide range of floor gymnastics classes for kids of all ages. Other classes offered include:

Conveniently located in Lanham, MD, we draw students from all across Prince George’s County and the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD metro areas.To learn more, fill out a contact form or call us today at 301.731.0003!