Dance Classes in Ellicot City MD

Parents tend to be more aware of the interests and passions that their children have at a much younger age than before. This is in part because it’s been proven that cultivating those interests from an early age puts children into a much stronger position to succeed. So if your child happens to show an interest in music or dance, you might want to think about enrolling them in a dance class in Ellicott City, MD.

Here at Dance Makers, we have a wide variety of different dance classes that are appropriate for both children and adults. Not only do we provide a safe and comfortable environment to dance in, but our instructors are some of the most experienced and highly-qualified instructors in the area.

Visit us online at Dance Makers or call us at (301) 731-0003 to enroll in dance classes in Ellicott City, MD today.

Dance Classes for Kids in Ellicott City, MD

The younger a child is when they begin to learn how to dance, the more likely they are to be able to learn and develop more advanced dancing skills as they grow older. It’s one of the main reasons why we offer dance classes for kids as young as three years of age.

When you enroll your child into one of our dance classes, you can trust in our instructors to teach your child in a safe learning environment. Every child is taught at a pace that they can keep up with. Not only do we focus on teaching children basic dancing skills, we make sure that they are enjoying our classes as well. Having fun is important in helping to foster a true passion for dance, after all.

If your child is between three and six years old, then we recommend our KinderDanz class. Older children will want to start off with our beginner dance classes, which focus on a variety of basic dance styles, such as tap dancing, gymnastics, and tumbling.

Complex Dance Classes in Ellicott City, MD

We offer many different types of complex dance classes as well as beginner classes. Children can join some of the complex dance classes that we offer as long as they have completed our basic dance classes. Many of our complex dance classes are great for adults who have some dance experience as well. In fact, many parents join our adult classes so that they can stay active at the same time that their children are taking classes.

Some of the more complex and advanced dance classes that we offer here in Ellicott City include the following:

  • Hip-Hop Classes
  • Jazz Dance Classes
  • Zumba Classes
  • Ballet Classes

Enroll in Ellicott City Dance Classes Today

If your child has an interest or passion for music or dancing, then be sure to enroll them in one of our beginner dance classes. To enroll your child in our dance classes or to enroll yourself into one of our adult classes, be sure to visit us online at Dance Makers today.