Dance Classes in Glenn Dale, MD

It’s any parent’s responsibility and dream to nurture his or her kid’s talents and dreams to the fullest. If you have noticed that your kid has a knack for dancing or just moving to the beat, it could be time you set about looking for the best dance classes in Glen Dale, MD. Luckily, Dance Makers has been providing high quality dance classes in a fully equipped and dance studio strategically located to serve residents in Glen Dale, Maryland.

Our goal is to offer a comprehensive package to both the upcoming stars and parents who want to be there for moral support. To achieve this, we have invested heavily in a modern dance studio that not only has all the relevant dance floors but also the dance instructors needed to hone and fashion raw talent into real skill.

Get in touch today and enroll your son or daughter in our Glen Dale, MD dance classes. Contact us to learn more about the registration process or call us on (301) 731-0003.

The Right Dance Classes for All Ages & Preferences

We understand that your kid might not really know what form of dance they are into from the word go. That is why we’ve come up with a proprietary Dance Makers Inc. curriculum that takes the kids through a couple of introductory classes that will help them discover themselves and what they are really into.

With most successful dancers starting out at four or five years, we will have enough time to take them through all the classes.

Bowie Dance Classes for Children

These are general lessons to preschoolers that teach the basics like gymnastics, flexibility and tap dancing with the intent of instilling confidence. They also lay the foundation while letting your kid decide if they’re really into dancing.

Once we are done with initiation phase, we will gradually ease your little dance into other complex moves with our curated curriculum that touches on:

No child is too young to learn the art of dance! This is made evident with our toddler dance classes in Glenn Dale through KinderDanz!

Zumba or Hip-Hop to Keep the Parents Fit

Other than just dropping your son or daughter for dance classes and spending the next few hours trying to squeeze in something else productive, we have come up with an adult zumba or hip-hop classes plan for interesting parents. Our goal here is to give you something fun to do whenever you drop your kid for classes.

You can think of it as your visit to the gym since dancing zumba or hip-hop is as good to your fitness as it is fun an interesting.

Enroll in a Dance Lesson Near Glenn Dale

Get in touch today and let our Dance Makers instructors take care of all your kid’s dance dreams. We’ve been in business for a while now and know what it takes to turn raw talent into a skill that could eventually grow into a top-flight career.

To register for our Glenn Dale dance classes, enroll online or call us at (301) 731 0003 to learn more!