Dance Classes in Largo, MD

As a parent, odds are pretty good that you’ll want to nurture your child’s talents, interests, and dreams as much as possible. If you notice that your child has developed an interest or love for dance, even if it’s just dancing around to music that they like, then you should consider enrolling them in a dance class. Here at Dance Makers, not only do we have a wide range of dance classes to choose from, we also boast a fully equipped studio that’s conveniently located to serve residents of Largo, MD.

Our main goal at Dance Makers is to offer comprehensive dance options to children at all skill levels as well as for their parents who want to be present for moral support. To achieve this goal, we have not only focused on building a modern dance studio with all of the necessary dance floors, but on hiring the most qualified and experienced instructors available to help foster raw talent into real dance skill.

For information about enrolling your child into one of our dance classes in Largo, MD, visit us online at Dance Makers or call us at (301) 731-0003.

Dance Classes for Everyone

Your child may not know what kind of dance that they are into. That’s okay. We created a curriculum that allows kids to take a couple of introductory classes so that they can discover what kind of dance appeals to them most. Most successful dancers start out at four or five years, which means there will be plenty of time for them to go through all the classes.

Largo Dance Classes for Children

We offer general lessons to preschoolers that focus on basics, such as flexibility, tumbling, gymnastics, and tap dancing. These lessons help instill confidence and create a foundation for different types of dance. Once these lessons are completed, children can go on to take additional dance classes, like:

Zumba and Hip-Hop Dance for Parents

Parents who want to wait while their children are taking dance classes and who have an interest in staying active themselves should look into our adult Zumba or hip-hop dance classes. We have designed these classes to give parents something fun to do while they wait as well as providing a way for parents to stay fit. In fact, our adult dance classes are just as beneficial for your health as the gym!

Join a Largo, MD Dance Class Today

If you have been looking for dance classes in Largo, MD Dance Makers has you covered. The available dance classes accommodate the needs of both kids and their parents. Enrolling in a dance class near Largo is easy, call Dance Makers at (301) 731-0003 or sign up online to get started. Our professional dance instructors will nurture you and your child’s dancing passion!