“I paid my reg fee for my shy and timid 5yr old. So shy ppl thought she couldn’t speak and outsiders made lots of suggestions. Get her checked out, she needs a speech therapist and more! Well they were WRONG. She needed a few things and those weren’t on the list. Who would have known all she needed was a pair of pink tights, black leo, and a bun. Dance Makers has given her more than just technique it’s more to dance than just dance! I see her showing the world more and more of her and dance made that ok.”

– Uniquika Mason

“My daughter has been dancing and attending Camp at Dancemakers wonderful staff, fun environment.”

– Camille Jones

“My daughter is entering her 4th year here, and to say this place has changed her life is an understatement!!! She’s gone from “awww, ain’t she cute” to “whoaaa, she needs to be on TV!” The level of instruction is priceless…. The instructors are knowledgeable and take the development of the dancers seriously. If you want QUALITY instruction, this is where you wanna have your kid, if you want sub par cheap instruction….wave to us as we blow past ya!!!!! Thanks Dance Makers!!!!”

– Michelle Anderson

“I had the honor and privilege of attending the dance recital at Laurel High School on Saturday, June 23, 2018. There were multiple moments where the show brought me to tears. I was inspired by seeing the youth of tomorrow beautifully and eloquently demonstrate their God-given gifts! I witnessed remarkable performances. It was refreshing, a breath of fresh air to see children and teens who are focused, driven, determined, disciplined, intelligent, and innately talented. To the children, I applaud you!!!!!!! You all gave immaculate, passionate, flawless performances!!!!! Encore!!!!!!! To DanceMakers as an organization (Maryland staff/administration, Mothers and Fathers, Teachers, Prop Pops, all those involved), I salute you!!! The recital was a magnificent work of art!!!! I humbly thank you for creating a safe haven and a foundation for children’s and teens’ educational endeavors, upward mobility, and future success. AMAZING!!!!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!”

– Boundless Fists