Totz Town

Dance Classes for 18 Month Olds – 2 Year Olds

Toddlers have an inordinate amount of energy.  Just ask the parents!  Anyone who has ever tried to keep up with the 18-24 month old crowd is surely ready for nap-time long before their pint-sized counterparts.  These little bundles of high-octane are learning and practicing new skills every minute of every day.  Life has never been more exciting.

Now is the ideal time to set the foundation for a healthy future.  Not only is your toddler achieving physical and emotional milestones, but he or she is soaking up these new experiences like a sponge.  Make sure you provide the best start for your active toddler by providing physical activity on a regular basis.

Dance Comes Naturally At Any Age

Totz Town, dance classes for 18 month olds, offered exclusively at Dance Makers, Inc, will introduce even the youngest students to the world of expressive movement.  Through age-appropriate curriculum, our professional dance instructors help toddlers make that mind-body connection which will serve them well throughout their lives.

Dance classes for 18 month olds to 24 month olds nurture socialization and friendships,  as your wee one is discovering life outside of him or herself.  Your child will develop independent of you, mastering even the smallest of skills to instill a sense of pride in accomplishment and set the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Totz Town beginning dance classes for 18 month olds are geared specifically toward your child’s development and abilities. Toddlers learn new ways to move and express themselves in a way that comes naturally.  Totz Town is a pressure-free zone.  Your child will delight in dance, and the studio atmosphere.

Beyond the Toddler Years

An appreciation for movement and expression, music and rhythm can continue and grow along with your toddler.  Dance Makers, Inc has several classes that progress from preschool to teen years and beyond.  Skilled instructors foster a love for dancing and teamwork, as students learn the steps together that will culminate in an outstanding performance of which they can be proud.

Our competitive dance troupe competes in jazz, hip-hop, lyrical and tap, motivating boys and girls alike to work and train hard, and expect to be rewarded with a performance well done.  Although competitive dance may not be for everyone, the dancers who make up our competition troupe are dedicated to the demands.

Open the door for your child to develop a life long healthy appreciation for both body and mind when you enroll them in Dance Makers, Inc Totz Town.  Those involved in our dance classes for 18 month olds to 24 month olds realize these tiny dancers are all about the fun.  Our classes are  relaxed and our instructors encourage fun in movement.

Schedule a Trial Class Today!

Make an appointment for you and your tiny dancer to come by and check us out.  Observe a class, speak with our instructors, and tour our studios.  We think Dance Makers, Inc Totz Town class is the ideal introduction to music, movement and fun for your energetic toddler.  Contact us today.