Our VIP Dance Class Transportation Services

Transportation for Kids in Prince George’s County

As a parent, odds are that you would like to enroll your children into some kind of activity that will keep them occupied when they’re not in school and that will help to encourage their passions and interests. Unfortunately, not all parents have the time to bring their kids to dance class and to pick them up again. Here at Dance Makers, we make it possible to enroll your kids in our dance classes with our new Slay Bus service.

If you need transportation for your kids, contact us today to learn more about our Slay Bus service in Maryland and DC. 

Transportation for Kids To & From Dance Classes in Maryland & DC

Slay Bus Services From Dance Makers in Lanham, MD

Our Slay Bus is our new VIP dance class transportation service. Essentially, by paying a fee, we can send our Slay Bus to pick up your child and bring them to our dance classes. We can also bring your child back once their class ends. You can choose to use our pickup service our dropoff service, or both. This makes it possible to get your child safely to and from our dance classes without having to worry about your own busy schedule!

We provide door-to-door transportation service for all students to and from all public and private schools located in Prince George’s County. To learn more, contact us today

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About Our Slay Bus Transportation Services

The Slay Bus is a well-established branch of our Dance Makers business and has been providing transportation services to kids throughout Prince George’s County. All of our vehicles are commercially insured and all of our drivers are licensed, CPR and First-Aid certified. We strive to use the same drivers year after year so that your child becomes familiar and comfortable with their driver.

Dance Makers is running an exclusive Slay Bus special! Now through January 31, 2019, our transportation service for kids is only $85 (usually $150)!

About the Rides on Our Slay Bus

  • Complimentary snack and drink with each ride
  • Tablets and entertainment with VIP Package
  • One way and round trip services in the morning and evening

Program Registration Fees & Payment

  • Required for all services to hold a reservation for an entire school year
  • Waiting lists are secured by your registration fee and are on a first come, first serve basis
  • Pre-payment is required for all services, and payments are due before services are rendered
  • All billing is done electronically and on a monthly basis
  • No prorated rates or days. Payment will be the same whether you use the service one day or five days a week
  • A two-week notice must be provided in the event you wish to cancel our transportation services

Multiple Child & Referral Discounts

  • Sign up two or more students from the same family getting picked up from the same location and going to the same destination and receive 10% off.
  • Refer a student and receive a 15% discount for one month of fees

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Call today to register your child for our Slay Bus transportation services in Prince George’s County! Dial (301) 731-0003 to speak to our dance instructors in Maryland today! 

About Our Dance Classes For Children in DC & Maryland

We offer a variety of different dance classes here at Dance Makers that your children can attend, including afterschool dance classes and summer dance classes. All of our classes are taught by professionally trained and highly experienced teachers who will provide appropriate instruction based on the age and skill level of each child.

Some of the dance classes we offer include ballet, hip-hop, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and tap, just to name a few. Our classes are suitable for children aged six and above; however, we realize that the younger you begin teaching a child the fundamentals of dance, the more likely they are to develop as skilled dancers as they age. Because of this, we have special KinderDanz classes for preschool-aged children.

To discuss all of the possibilities for dance classes for your child, contact our dance instructors in Maryland today!

Why Enroll Your Children Into Dance Class?

It’s worth using our VIP transportation service to get your kids to and from our dance classes if you are unable because of the many benefits that children can enjoy learning how to dance. The following are just a few benefits of taking dance classes:

  • Improve their physical health – Dancing is an incredibly physical activity. Many adults take dance classes as part of their workout, after all. By learning how to dance, your kids will improve their strength, their balance, and their flexibility.
  • Improve their social skills – Because kids will be learning how to dance in a group setting, they will learn how to interact with one another. This will go a long way to helping to improve their social skills, which is beneficial if they are introverted.
  • Improve their confidence – Once they begin learning new dance moves, they’ll gain confidence in themselves, which will translate to other parts of their lives.

Schedule Our VIP Dance Class Transportation Today

If your child has an interest in or passion for dance, you should strongly consider enrolling them into one of our dance classes here at Dance Makers. If your schedule won’t allow you to drop off or pick up your children from dance class, then be sure to take advantage of our VIP transportation service.

For more information about our transportation service for children in Prince George’s County contact us online